Authority to Leave FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the New Zealand Couriers 'Authority to Leave' system

Q: How does the New Zealand Couriers Authority to Leave system work?

After signing up, we produce a small barcoded tag for installation at the agreed location on your property (somewhere dry and safe). Your courier driver will be notified of this location and will affix the barcoded tag there when next delivery is made. Items will then be left at this location and the tag scanned by the courier to provide record of delivery in our tracking system.

In a small number of cases, our agreement with a particular sender may mean that we are not allowed to leave their delivery at an Authority to Leave point in lieu of a signature, and a missed delivery ‘card left’ will be placed at the property instead.

Q: Where should I place my Authority to Leave tag?

The best place to position your Authority to Leave tag is in a dry, secure and easily accessible location for the courier that is out of sight from the street (e.g. under the deck, behind BBQ, back door etc).

Q: What does the Authority to Leave tag look like?

The Authority to Leave tag is a small metallic rectangle with a barcode printed onto it.

Authority to Leave Barcode

Q: How do I set up an Authority to Leave?

Simply complete our online form and we'll take it from there!